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Conversion mp4->mpeg2 fichiers : impossible de charger l'encodeur

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ci-dessous copie du texte posté sur le forum en langue anglaise.


I try to transcode mp4 (got by NOKIA 6210) to mpeg-2 to edit it with my video tool.

These are the codec information for the file :

Flux 0
• Codec mp4v
• Langue
• Type Vidéo Résolution 640x480
• Résolution d'affichage : 640x480
• Débit d'images : 14.925373 :
Flux I
• Codec mp4a Langue :
• Type : audio
• Canaux : 2
• Fréquence d'échantillonnage 48000 Hz
• Bits par échantillon : 16
• Débit 1536 kb/s

Operations :
I choose the default conversion mpeg-2 and when I "save" on the panel "output to file" or after closing the parameter panel for stream to a file and play,
I get always the message : Transcoding failed: VLC could not open the encoder.

Testing others conversion
I get stream to H264, ended with error
AppName: vlc.exe AppVer: ModName: libx264_plugin.dll
ModVer: Offset: 000a1887
The result (three times compressed) has not a good quality and a sequence is quite white (during stream it seems have some difficulties before a quick end).

Searching a solution (spent 4h)
I could not find any useful information in search a solution and testing.
I re-install VLC without any change.

Version is 0.9.9 last running on XP-SP3 on DELL latitude D800 (with 1,5 Go)

May be somebody can suggest a way to me.
Best regards

Date de publication : 20/05/2009 19:59
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